Pet Guide

 In Bare Book, Grades 1 - 5

Write a guide about the care of a pet.

Level: Grade 1-3
Originated by: Treetop Publishing


Using a hard-covered Bare Book, make a guide on how to care for a pet. In a classroom setting, if the student does not have a pet at home, use the classroom pet, the pet of a friend, or an imaginary pet.  Research the needs of the pet, and document them with photos or illustrations in the book.  This is a great reference tool to have at times when outside care is needed for the pet.


  • What is the pet’s name, and what kind of pet is it?
  • Is the pet friendly, shy, playful or lazy?
  • How often and what time is the pet fed?
  • Where is the food kept?
  • How much food and water should the pet get?
  • Does the pet eat the food right away, or will he save some of it?
  • How often does the pet get let out to toilet?
  • Do you have a fence, a tie-out, or will the pet need to be walked with a leash to toilet? Is there a special spot the pet prefers?
  • Will the pet resist going out in bad weather?
  • Is the pet afraid of thunderstorms?
  • Where is the pet’s leash kept?
  • Does the pet get let out before or after eating, or both?
  • Does the pet get treats, what and when?
  • Is the pet sad or does it quit eating when you are gone?
  • Are there any medications the pet needs; where are they kept, and how are they given?
  • Is the pet restricted to a crate or gated area when no one is home?
  • What kind of exercise does the pet enjoy, and what are it’s favorite toys?
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