Bare Puzzles

Design your very own puzzle!

These jigsaw puzzles are blank, sturdy, and come in a variety of sizes, pieces and configurations. Use felt tip markers, paint pens, crayons, watercolor, pencil, crayon and more to make one of a kind puzzles. For classroom use, training purposes, invitations, party favors, and much more!

Finished - Puzzles

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Standard Puzzles
These rectangle and square puzzles come in 12-35 pieces.  The dimensions range from as small as 4/5″x 6.5″ to a BIG Class Puzzle sized at 25″x 25″.


By-the-Piece Puzzles
Our By-the-Piece Puzzles come in three sized pieces; 4″, 8″ and 12″.  These puzzle pieces are perfect to be used for grade-wide or school-wide projects.  You order the number of pieces you need. There are no border pieces, so if  you need to add a participant, just add another piece.


Round Puzzles
Our Round Bare Puzzles measure 12″ in diameter, and have 25 pieces.  Both sides of the puzzle can be designed.  The top sheet on one side is white, and the other side is yellow.  Great shape for a unique project!

My husband, who teaches at a different school, told me about the books and gave me a catalog. I’m doing a project with my 8th graders. They are making an ABC book of the American Revolution, and your books were an option that they could choose.

Lori L.