Prehistoric Creatures

 In Bare Book, Grades 1 - 5

Students learn important things about Dinosaurs

Level: Grade 2
Originated by:  Joan Glodowski, Hackett Elementary, Beloit, WI


Since this was a second grade project, we used simple, easy to read books on dinosaurs. I have many books about dinosaurs in my classroom available for their use, and I also handed out pre-typed information about different dinosaurs. They can either cut and paste this information into their books, or hand write it. Students had to have two facts about each of the various kinds of dinosaurs, fossils, and time periods. They also had to have pictures for each page.

Page Layout:

Page 1:  Title Page
Page 2:  Dedication Page
Page 3:  Table of Contents
Page 4:  Illustration of Environment
Page 5:  Important things about the environment
Page 6:  Illustration of Fossils
Page 7:  Important thing about fossils
Page 8:  Illustration of Time Periods (What three time periods did Dinosaurs live in?)
Page 9:  The different time periods in which Dinosaurs lived and the important things about these time periods
Page 10-11:  Illustration of Meat-eating Dinosaurs
Page 12-13:  Important things about the meat-eaters
Page 14-15:  Illustration of Plant-eaters
Page 16-17:  Important things about the plant-eaters
Page 18-19:  Illustration of Flying Reptiles
Page 20-21:  Important things about the flying reptiles
Page 22-23:  Illustration of Sea Creatures
Page 24-25:  Important things about the sea creatures
Page 26:  Illustration of After the Dinosaur
Page 27:  Important things about the time right after the Dinosaurs lived
Page 28:  Other facts about Dinosaurs

Inside Back Cover – Information about the Author including picture of Author

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