Looking At Myself

 In Bare Book, Junior High School

Students create a book that records their feelings, goals, and values

Level: Grade 6-8
Originated by: Linda Heitzinger, Starbuck Middle School, Racine, WI


We followed a planned unit guide of about 20 lessons of 45 minutes each.  We worked on this unit daily for about five weeks and followed a plan where each page had a specific concept that was discussed and written about:

Page 1:  Title Page
Page 2-3:  Table of Contents
Page 4:  Self Portrait (pencil sketch – full page)
Page 5:  Photos (of self with family or alone)
Page 6:  Personal Data Sheet (Birth information, age, eye & hair color, parents, etc.)
Page 7:  I Am Most Proud of…My Short Term Goals
Page 8:  What I Enjoy or Do Well (can be done in semantic mapping form or written out)
Page 9:  Heros in My Life or a Special Person
Page 10:  My Long Term Goals
Page 11:  My Best Accomplishments
Page 12:  Things I Like About Myself – I Feel Good About Myself When…
Page 13:  Why Others Should Feel Good About Me Words That Best Describe Me
Page 14:  In My Free Time I Like…Unusual Experiences I Have Had…
Page 15:  Songs I Like, Books I’ve Read
Page 16:  My Favorite TV Programs
Page 17:  My Dreams Are…
Page 18:  The Most Remarkable Day or Event in My Life
Page 19:  Elementary School Memories
Page 20:  Memories of This Year
Page 21-22:  If I Were a Building, Athlete, Appliance, Car, Book (write a paragraph about each)
Page 23-25:  My Story (Biography)
Page 26:  Dedication
Page 27-28:  Space for notes from friends

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