We All Fit

 In Bare Puzzles, Grades 1 - 5

A Cooperative Puzzle for the first days of school

Level: K-2
Originated by: Treetop Publishing


This is a cooperative project for one of the first days of school – making a class puzzle.

On the first day of class distribute one piece of our “Big Class Puzzle” to each student. Have them decorate the puzzle piece with their name and designs or decorations of their choice.

When several of the students have completed theirs, have them begin to construct the puzzle on the floor. The students, some of who may not know each other, begin to work together, discussing where the various pieces go. As other students finish their piece, they are welcomed to the group as more puzzle pieces are added.

The students work together cooperatively the entire time. You will begin to see who tends to take charge, hang back, etc.

When the puzzle is complete — include a heading “We all fit in!”, and mount the puzzle to a bulletin board or wall. The puzzle can stay up for the entire year, and taken apart the last day of school. If a student moves away, take their piece out, leaving a hole. If a new student moves in, the hole can be filled with a new piece they design. You can purposely leave a blank piece or two the first day of school, just to let the students know there is always room in the class for others.

Tip: Make sure that you draw an arrow in pencil to indicate on each puzzle piece which way is up. This way, the students will not draw on an upside down puzzle piece!
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