Vacation Journal

 In Bare Book, Grades 1 - 5, Junior High School, Senior High School

A vacation journal to replace regular assignments when students are gone during the school year

Level: Any
Originated by: Linda Williams, Racine, WI


Students will prepare a cross-curriculum vacation journal which will not only challenge them but be a “fun” activity as well. An activity guide along with a Bare Book is given toe each student going on vacation.

This project was put together because I have found that when parents request homework to cover the time a student misses school for vacation, some or all of the following things occur:

  • Students do not complete the work.
  • Students are either ahead of or behind where the class is upon their return.
  • Text books are lost or damaged.
  • Students are unhappy about doing homework on vacation because they are not participating in vacation activities.

Complete one or two pages of your book with each of the following activities:

  • Predictions – what kind of things do you think you will be learning and doing on your trip.
  • Develop an itinerary. (A day by day plan for your trip.)
  • Paste or draw a map of the area you will visit into your book.
  • Describe the physical features of the land you are visiting.
  • What was the weather like during your visit?
  • How did you travel, how long did it take, any problems?
  • Describe and illustrate on interesting history of the area you visited.
  • Did you eat any interesting foods? Why are these foods popular in this area? Explain.
  • Adjective page. Make a list of the interesting things you have seen. Be sure to use at least one adjective for each entry
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