Using Pattern Books as a Base for Writing

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Students use their knowledge of patterns and create books that have the similar layout

Originated by: Mary Swanson, Classroom Teacher and College Professor


Students have read multiple books that are based on patterns. Two of the most famous examples are the Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly series, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Whad do You See? series and Dr. Seuss’s ABC.

The following procedure is great for using familiar patterns for a group book and then finally an individual book.

  1. First of all share a lot of books that have the same patterns. Challenge the students to find the pattern
  2. Then have them read other books that have the same patterns. Ask them to identify the pattern in the book and see if they can add another page to the book that follows the same pattern.
  3. In small groups, or as individuals, determine a topic for a pattern story
  4. Write a rough draft of a story as a group. A story board is great for this stage of writing. The pattern can be written in a frame and the students can fill out the rest of the words.
  5. The group can decide pictures for the story
  6. In the book, the group can draw pictures and write out stories. Or, the students can create the final copy using the computer and copier to create the stories and illustrations and add to the book.
  7. The final step is to share the books with others. Nothing instills confidence, pride or self-worth more than sharing something you’ve worked hard to produce. Don’t skip this!
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