Tell Me About Yourself

 In Bare Book, Preschool

A way to get to know your Preschool Student and their family

Level: Preschool
Originated by: Jane Racoosin, Beginnings Nursery School, New York, New York


Registration for our fall session is in the spring, and this information is given to the parents at that time:

We are very excited to introduce a project for you and your child to work on this summer. Enclosed in this envelope you will find a white hardcover book with a question on each page. Please help your child find photographs, answer the questions, and include any drawings or mementoes from the summer. These books will help us get to know your child and it will help provide us with curriculum ideas from the children for the beginning of the year. Please have your book ready by the beginning of September. The teachers will pick them up on your home visit.

Page Layout:

You may decorate the cover as you wish.
Page 1:  This is what I looked like when I was a baby.
Page 2:  This is what I look like now.
Page 3:  This is my family (photos).
Page 4:  These are some of my friends (photos & names).
Page 5:  These are some fun things I did this summer:
Page 6:  These are some things I like to do in a park or in the country:
Page 7:  These are some things I like to do in the city:
Page 8:  These are some things I like to do on a rainy day:
Page 9:  These are some things that make me laugh:
Page 10:  These are some things I like and know a lot about:
Page 11:  These are some things I wish I knew more about:
Page 12:  These are some of my favorite foods:
Page 13:  These are some of my favorite animals:
Page 14:  Look at all the things I am good at.
Page 15:  These are the things that excite me about school.
Page 16:  These are some of the things I want to learn more about.
Page 17:  Here are the other fun things I want to share about myself.
(Use the rest of the book as you wish.)

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