Simple Ideas

 In Bare Book, Grades 1 - 5, Junior High School, Senior High School
Originated by: Treetop Publishing


Mixed Up Fairytales

Snow White and the Three Pigs? No – it’s Goldilocks in the Bean Stalk. Pick characters from different stories and make a unique story of your own – or rewrite a version of a fairytale with substituted characters. Mix it up even more by changing the setting and the time the story takes place.

A Collaborative Story

Whitty and unexpected turns in a story are made by one student picking up where another student left off. Start a story in a Bare Book with one three sentence paragraph. Pass the book to each student asking them to add to the story with another paragraph with at least three sentences. Stress proper paragraph structure.

Your Opinion Counts

Ever wonder what your class thinks about a issue at school or in the news? Have a brief discussion in class about the issue. Take one Bare Book and present the issue on the first page. Include as much information about the issue that the students will need to form an opinion. Then pass the book to one or more students each day and ask them to write about their opinion of the issue in the book. Once everyone in the class has had an opportunity to share their opinion, have a class discussion pointing out the different viewpoints.

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