Reverse Story Writing

 In Bare Book, Grades 1 - 5

Students improve writing skills and story telling.

Level:  Grades 2-5
Originated by:  Treetop Publishing


Choose twelve important words/phrases from a children’s book (preferably one that your students have not read). Use character names, setting descriptions, and distinct action words.

Ask your students to write a story integrating these exact phrases and words. Using a Bare Book have them “fill in the blanks”, or create a story around the phrases given to them. They should construct one sentence per phrase and apply them one per page in the book. This will allow for a title page at the front of the book and an extra page at the end for “About the Author” or extra illustrations. Give the students time to decorate their book and share the story with the class.

Finally read your class the story that the phrases came from. Highlight those phrases while you read, and when finished discuss how many different shapes a story can take if given the opportunity. If you haven’t offered your life lesson for the day, launch into a conversation about how stories can be as diverse as people.

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