New In Town

 In Bare Book, Junior High School

Students pick a new residence and research the area.

Level: Grade 6-8
Originated by: Treetop Publishing


If you could pick anywhere to live in the United States, where would you go?  Students pick a new place to live, and go on a fact-finding mission about the area.  Include photos of the area printed from the internet or requested from that area’s Chamber of Commerce or a Travel Agency.  A great web site for research is

Page Layout:

Page 1:  Map of where you are now, leading to where you’re going
Page 2:  Table of Contents
Page 3:  Photo or drawing of the area you are moving to
Page 4:  How many miles are you from your old residence; Miami, Florida; New York City, NY; Seattle, Washington; and San Diego, California?
Page 5:  State Facts such as Motto, Nickname, Bird, Flower, etc.
Page 6-7:  Area Facts: Population, Median Income, Median Value of Homes, etc.
Page 8:  Climate Information
Page 9:  What your new home would look like
Page 10:  What your new room would look like
Page 11:  Information about your new school – location, mascot, etc.
Page 12-15:  Things for you to do – sports, clubs, movie theaters, attractions, parks, zoo, etc.
Page 16:  Shopping locations – food, clothing
Page 17:  Doctor and Medical Facilities
Page 18:  Resources for your pet – Vet, Dog Park, Kennels, Grooming, Training Classes, etc.
Page 19:  How will you get where you need to go?  What kind of public transportation is there?
Page 20:  What are some of the different foods that are popular in the area?
Page 21:  What kind of industry or agriculture is in the area?
Page 22:  What animals/insects are in the area that were not in your previous residence?
Page 23-24:  Historical facts and celebrations in the area
Page 25-26:  Use these pages to talk about something you find interesting about the area, and how you think you might spend a typical weekend.
Page 27:  Tell why you chose the area where you’re moving
Page 28:  Things you learned about the area that surprised you.

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