Let’s Go Tent Camping!

 In Bare Book, Junior High School

Students plan a camping trip.

Level: Jr High School
Originated by:  Treetop Publishing


Going camping is fun – and it takes a lot of planning. Students who have never gone camping before may not realize all the equipment and preparation that is involved. Each student will research possible camping areas within a 150 mile radius of their location. When choosing a camping site, they should keep in mind what amenities they will require (do they have handicap facilities or do they allow pets?) and what activities are available. They will plan a three day (two night) camping trip to one location. To make things interesting, we are going to take away some items that they use every day.

Items not allowed:

  • Cell Phones (allowed for emergency use only)
  • Video Games or other hand-held electronic devices
  • Televisions, DVD or CD players, Ipods, etc.

Page Content:

  • A map indicating where the camping area is in your state
  • A map of the actual camp grounds
  • An itinerary – consider travel, check in/out time, and set-up/break-down time, activities, cooking, sleeping
  • Equipment List – consider activities (fishing, swimming, cooking, sleeping, etc.)
  • Clothing List – consider possible weather conditions
  • A menu plan – include two or three snacks per day
  • Food & Water Supply List – consider quantity, ration & refrigeration issues
  • A list of what food items should be prepared in advance and how they should be packaged
  • Safety Kit list with area emergency facility locations (ranger/hospital/police)
  • Camp Ground rules
  • Instructions on how to build a fire and fire safety rules
  • A list of things you can do, a list of games, books or crafts to take
  • Duty Roster
  • You can use the rest of the book to include interesting facts or information about the area you would visit, and why you would like to go there
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