“I Love…”

 In Bare Book, Grades 1 - 5

Using song lyrics, students create a “Gift Book” for someone they love.

Level: Grades 1-2
Originated by: Treetop Publishing


Learn the song, “I Love”, by Tom T. Hall together as a group. You will need to edit a couple of the lines. Have the students write one line of each verse on a page in a Bare Book. You can also print the lines and have them cut them out and paste them into the book. Illustrations are drawn above or below the song line, depending on where on the page the lines are written or pasted. With the extra pages left, the students can continue the “song”, writing their own verses. Remember to include an “About the Author” page.

Students can present their books to their loved ones by singing a part of the lyrics together as a group during an Author’s Tea.

Here are some edited lines of the song:

  • I love little baby ducks, toy pick-up trucks,
  • slow moving trains, and rain.
  • I love little country streams, sleep with sweet dreams,
  • blooming flowers in May, and hay.
  • And I love you too!
  • I love leaves in the wind, pictures of my friends,
  • birds in the world, and squirrels.
  • I love cocoa in a cup, little fuzzy pups,
  • milk in a glass, and grass.
  • And I love you too!
  • I love honest open smiles, kisses from my Mom,
  • tomatoes on the vine, and strawberries.
  • I love winners when they cry, losers when they try,
  • music when its good, and life.
  • And I love you too!
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