In Bare Book, Junior High School, Senior High School

Students look at both sides of an issue and come up with ideas for a solution.

Level: Jr/Sr High School
Originated by: Treetop Publishing


Using a topic being studied in class, a current event topic, or a special interest, students learn to look at both sides of the story to become more knowlegable of the sitiuation and to think of possible solutions. In most cases, these situations are much more complicated than anyone might think. What would seem to be a simple solution will become more difficult as the issue is investigated.

Research your topic on the internet, in the newspaper, the library and magazines. Collect information from both sides of the issue – cut or print the articles, photos or charts to include the suitable ones in your debate. Stick with facts rather than opinions (if possible). Start thinking about how you’d solve the problem.

Your book should have four major parts.

  1. Introduction. Clearly state what the issue is, and why you chose this topic. Try to define where the topic is in development at this point – is it an issue that will be voted on, or is it an ongoing topic that is inactive at this time? What organizations are actively involved in the topic? What laws currently affect this topic or might be changed because of the attention it is getting? Do not share your personal feelings until part 4.
  2. “One Side of the Issue”. You are reporting – try to be as non-biased as possible. Tell what points of the issue this side opposes or supports.
  3. “The Other Side of the Issue”. Again – be non-biased. Address the points that were presented in part two, pointing out the differences in opinion from “One Side” and what this side agrees with.
  4. Solutions. You may have changed your opinion on the topic after all the research you’ve done. First tell about your feelings on the topic, and if your original opinion has changed since your researched it, or if your original opinon is stronger with support from the research. Include how you think this topic might be solved or improved. Include a time-line on how you would like the change to progress.
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